Welcome to Citydoctors

Who are we?
The clinic has four doctors, Solvej Martensen, Camilla Elvekjær, Christian Blomfeldt and Jakob Maraldo.

All four are specialized in General Medicine with a broad experience from various hospital departments and other GPs.

The staff consists of Midwife Rikke and health secretaries Flora and Caroline.

Rikke is, amongst other things, responsible for pregnancy controls, gynecological examinations, and blood samples.

The health secretaries Flora and Caroline is responsible for booking of appointments, renewal of prescriptions, and urine- and Klamydia-testing. Caroline also do bloodtest and other kinds of clinical work.

All work under the supervision of the doctors.

All staff at the clinic speaks English.

What can we do?
Our goal is to provide all of our patients with excellent care of the highest possible standard within the specialties of internal medicine, gynaecology, pediatrics, dermatology, and psychiatry. With our varied expertise and our personal knowledge of our patients we strive to form a collaboration with our patients.

When needed, referrals are made to relevant consultants / doctors at private clinics or hospitals. In Denmark referral to specialists or consultants are made through the general practitioner, with the exceptions of Ear-Nose-Throat and Eye-doctors.

What does it cost?
Provided you have your “yellow card” (the Danish health insurance card) consultations are free of charge. However, professional statements and immunizations are charged according to our price list (cash only).

If you are not a holder of the “yellow card”, consultations are charged 800 kroner (cash only).

How to find us?
The Clinic is located in central Copenhagen at:
Lille Strandstræde 20 st.th
1254 Copenhagen K
Phone: +45 3333 8484

How to see a doctor after office hours?
After 16.00 hours and in the weekends you can call 1813 with acute but no life-threatening problems.

In case of life threatening illness: Call 112

Remember that you can book an appointment, contact the doctors and renew your prescriptions on our website – www.citydoctors.dk

Opening hours

Day Time
Monday 8.00 - 15.00
Tuesday 8.00 - 15.00
Wednesday 8.00 - 15.00
Thursday 8.00 - 15.00
Friday 8.00 - 15.00

Telephone hours
You can contact the clinic by phone from 8.00 untill 12.15 hours.

By phone our experienced staff can give you test results, renew prescriptions, book appointments and give you medical advice. The doctors will call you back if it is needed.

After 12.30 hours your call will be re-directed to our voice mail that will provide you the phone number of an on-call doctor that can help you with acute problems only.

In case of acute and potentially life-threatening conditions you should always call: 112.

After 16.00 hours, and in the weekends, you can call Region Hovedstadens telephone: 1813, regarding acute problems.

Booking appointment at the front desk or by phone can be done during the following hours:

Day Time
Monday 8.00 - 12.15
Tuesday 8.00 - 1215
Wednesday 8.00 - 1215
Thursday 8.00 - 12.15
Friday 8.00 - 12.15